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Pre-modern hang gliders (prior to Sir George Cayley)
Cayley hang gliders
James Walker hang gliders
Otto Lilienthal hang gliders
Octave Chanute hang gliders
Captain Ferber      Les Travaux du Capitaine Ferdinand Ferber
Pilcher hang gliders
James Means hang gliders
Whitehead hang gliders
Breslau hang glider
Beeson hang gliders
Willi Pelzner hang gliders
Wright hang gliders
Bates hang gliders
Volmer Jensen hang gliders   VJ-11    VJ-23   
Bi-plane hang gliders
Richard Miller hang gliders       Bamboo Butterfly ? , Jib-sailed Rogallo, Conduit Condor, Thistledown, ...
Rogallo hang gliders     |   rogallohanggliders  |        
Four-boom bi-sailed hang gliders
Three-boom bowsprit hang gliders
Rigid-wing hang gliders
Lilienthal hang gliders
Gliding kite-system hang gliders
Gliding-parachute hang gliders
Ryan Parawing Airplane, Take-Off, Maneuvering, Flight, and Landing     TCFs involved. Power-off: hang glider.

NASA tells: Film Supplement L-828 is availble upon request.
See also photo L-61-422 of Rogallo and Worth together which was included for the later report TN D-2291.

1962 Flexible Paraglider Wing Research and Development.  Film Serial L-751    Involving Mercury capsule.  Also film shows the standard 4-boom hang glider manned in tow and release.
"Paraglider" was sometimes used in NASA instead of kite hang glider.


Note: Without prejudice to earlier teachings on the triangle control frame for gliders, we at least choose the show at a sport hang glider meet in Breslau in 1908 on a battened flexible wing hang glider foot-launched ... as a teaching point, knowing that the triangle was used earlier than 1908 for positioning pilot payload in hang gliders and powered hang gliders and ultralights. Such public domain art makes silly anyone later trying to be global mechanical inventor for such mechanical art.

Note:  John Worth well rehearsed the standard 4-boom hang glider with that simple triangle control frame; but he was not the inventor of such; and more rightly he did not claim to be the inventor of such. Unjustly, revisionists would try to claim invention for such triangle control frame. Rather, the triangle control frame became from early 1900s one of the most ubiquitous structures in aviation as it morphed into the standard undercarriage for powered aircraft. Hang gliders used the art even in 1800s; look to Wenham and Pilcher, for a couple.  But starkly: W. Simon in 1908 in a sport hang glider meet had configuration "protected by law" using the standard triangle control frame for foot-launch hang gliding with a bi-lobe with some shape-keeping battens in the sail.      While in public domain, some would try in 1963 and following to grab "invention" rights over the mechanicals that already belonged to the human family; shame on such grab; the orgs falling for such untenable text owe it to the hang gliding community to correct the matter.

A river or strand of influence other than Rogallo and NASA was occurring in Wanner-Gilbert-Effinger: ""While at Gilbert, Effinger collaborated with Henry Struck joined to develop the first ready-to-fly gas powered Flex-Wing airplane model. The patent rights for the Wanner Wing (also known as the NASA Rogallo Wing) were purchased by Gilbert and 200,000 Wing-Thing kits were produced using this concept. All modern parachutes and hang gliders stem from these patents. Bill Effinger shared a lot of joy and drive with A. C. Gilbert and created very high quality airplanes that are still desirable today." Source. 

Centuries ? to present:  People of Japan on island of Shikoku for Tosa Dako kite, precursor to 4-boom Rogallo-related hang gliders. "Nobody knows exactly when the Tosa was invented, but Shimamura said it is at least 200 years old, and probably derived from kites imported from Kyushu as early as the 17th century, such as the Nagasaki hata." Source. We await awareness for similar precursors in the early kites of China and ocean islanders.
1955 or 56:
Mattalata (? spelling?, Indonesia) claims to have flown a towed Rogallo kite in 1956 (?). Sketchy data.  Open study on the indeterminate notes: HERE
1959: Francis M. Rogallo with standard Rogallo Wing 4-boom hang glider testing in wind tunnel and giving reports with team members.
1960: Tony Prentice:
Man-carrying kite-glider not inspired by Rogallo, but by kites and gliders. Yet Rogallo-embedded viewers would see Rogallo-wing likeness in the study of Tony Prentice's foot-launch hang glider with triangle-control bridling of the pilot. Flown.
1960-1 John Worth hang gliders
   standard 4-boom Rogallo-wing kite gliders with the 1908-taughle triangle control frame
1961: Ryan hang gliders  14 August 1961 "Aviation Week and Space Technology" magazine
1962: January onwards:  Charles Richards, et al, standard 4-boom Rogallo Wing hang gliders at synergy suggestion of Neil Armstrong, et al.     About eight pilots would tow and hang glide the standard 4-boom winged hang glider.
1961-2: Palmer with his seven to eight different Rogallo Wing hang gliders, Ryan inspired. Friends flew foot-launch also.
1962: Purcell Rogallo Wing kite-gliders with triangle control frame
1960-63 ... many others, see Flex-Wing Hang Glider Gold Air Award list of persons. Invited from all: biographies.
1962-3 Mike Burns Rogallo Wing kite-gliders with triangle control frame
1962:  Hobson Rogallo Wing Hang Glider of 1962 with 1908-taught triangle control frame. EAA. Also, Lawrence Welk Show.
1963:  Rich Richardson built man-carrying Rogallo hang glider in June of 1963; Santa Rosa, California.
1963:  Dickenson Wing Rogallo-Ryan-Worth-Breslau water-ski kite-glider of 1963, with the Breslau 1908 taught triangle control frame. Silly invalid and untenable claims of global mechanical invention was bullied in the 2000s even after a failed attempt in 1963-4; the guy did not do his homework, as over 40 persons were knowers of the public domain art involved; even the patent literature taught the matters prior to his starting his ski kite.

Paresev hang gliders  using the standard Rogallo 4-boom hang glider wing.
Tony Prentice hang gliders
Domina C. Jalbert hang gliders
David Barish hang gliders
Horten Brothers  hang gliders
Klaus Hill  hang gliders
Hall brothers
Eipper-Formance hang gliders :    Flexi-Flyer, Quicksilver,
Bob Lovejoy hang gliders:   Quicksilver.  High-Tailer.  Tail-less Biplane (LIFE mag photo archive).
Moyes hang gliders       Mini Stinger

  Gtr Race
  Gtr T.R
  Litespeed Rs
  Litespeed Rx
  Litespeed S
  Malibu (New)
  Maxi Mk 2
  Maxi Mk 3
  Mega 2
  Sx Super Xtralite
  Unknown / Inconnu

Casellas hang gliders
Triplane hang gliders
Quadruplane hang gliders
Standard Rogallo hang gliders:
Palmer hang gliders  (7 or 8 distinct hang gliders)
Purcell hang gliders
Hobson hang gliders
Girard hang gliders
Cecil E. Craigo hang gliders
Hand hang gliders
Osoba hang gliders
Colver Sailwing hang gliders
Omega hang gliders
Wilbur Green kite hang gliders, Gayla
Dorsette A. Davison hang gliders
George D. Wanner hang gliders
Wilbur Green kite-hang gliders
Lee & Darrah hang gliders
Platz hang gliders
Tibado hang gliders
Sleeman hang gliders
Richards hang gliders
Craigo hang gliders
Croom hang gliders
Dick Cheney hang gliders
Doug Carmichael
Mark Smith hang glider
GERFAUT    Gyrfalcon by Sedpa
Duck by Everard
Attack Duck by Wills Wing
Axis by UP Ultralight Products
LA MOUETTE  (the seagull)  hang gliders 
Compact Cobra
Seagull 17
20th Seagull
Seagull F
Profile Competition
Profile Proto
Top Secret
Topless 2
3 Topless
Topless 4
Pacific Windcraft Esprit   See photo of John LaTorre flying it.  
Here's a picture of me flying a Pacific Windcraft Esprit (a specially built "Trike" model
which never saw production) at Marina Beach, sharing the ridge with some
seagulls   ~JLT            
Trampenau hang gliders
Hang Loose by Jack Lambie. Plans sold. Many articles.  Good following.     
 Photo1 with designer Jack Lambie |  Photo2   |  
Great variety of NASA hang gliders at all levels of stiffening of the Rogallo Wing.
Midi   by Synairgie
Hill hang gliders
Wills Wing hang gliders    Falcon 3.   | 
Dietch hang gliders
Riggs hang gliders
Poynter hang gliders
Charles E. Libbey
Joseph L. Johnson
Harvey A. Sellers
Alan F. Cummings
George M. Ware
Rodger L. Naeseth
Paul G. Fournier
Robert H. Moore
David L. Eichblatt 
Theodore F. Hughes
W. C. Buhler
E. M. Linhart
Harry Edwin Rollins
Daniel C. Kurkjian
John Dale Sutliff
Harry A. James
Victor Horton
Richard Swinbourne
Koman hang gliders
William "Bill" Liscomb
Michael A. Markowski
Michael D. Falarski
Kenneth W. Mort
W. M. Gran
J. H. Moeller
L. T. Parson
Harry L. Morgan, Jr.
Blair B. Gloss
Charles F. Bradshaw
G. Kimball Miller, Jr.
A. L. Lee
J. Nielson
S. B. Spangler
Austin D. McHatton
Paul M . Kenner
Frederic T. Churchill
Ralph B. Holt
Dave Kilbourne 
Alfio Caronti
Dave Cronk hang gliders
David E. Moomaw
Geoff McBroom       McBroom Arion.   McBroom Cobra. 
Chargus Midas E.   Chargus Vortex.   Chargus Cyclone 165 Mk 1.
Wasp Gryphon
Fledge 2.
Gerry Breen
Helen Bushell
Robert Gilbert Wheeler
Paul Richard Treleaven
Eric Stephen Treleaven
Gary John Lyons
John Harris
Len Gabriels
Everard Cunion
Stephen Lennox Hague "Steve"
Drew Wilfrid Jones
Raymond Merry
Hiway Rogallo.       Hiway Super Scorpion Mk 10G.  
Zimmer Brothers
Stephen C. Murray
Thomas C. Searle 
Burns hang gliders
Bennett hang gliders
Lambie hang gliders
Montgomery hang gliders
Bean hang gliders
Kiceniuk hang gliders
Haggard hang gliders
Boone hang gliders
Lovejoy hang gliders
Valkyrie by Bill Wolf
Bamboo Butterfly  ... see Richard Miller and Jim Foreman in Timeline
Bamboo Bomber
Batso by Taras Kiceniuk, Jr. and team
Ski Plane by Mike Burns, 1962-3
Rogallo Hang Glider by James Hobson, 1962
Fledge or Fledgling   of Manta Products       Fledge 2     Owner's manual
North Wing hang gliders  |  Website  | 
Aar by Zetka
Ace by Solar Wings
Adler by Bicla
Aero by Enterprise Wings
Agur by Agur Gliders
Aiglon by Danis
Finsterwalder  :   Airfex.  
Aladelta by Oscar Serrat
Albatros by Favul
Alfa by Vega
Alpha by Eole 2000
Alpha 3 by Eole 2000
Alpha Pro by Pro-Delta
Alpin 2 by Pacific Gull Bleidiesel
Alto by Noin
Avian Hang Gliders :    Amour.
Aolus by Spectra Aircraft
Apex by Danny Howell
Arrow by Delta Fulmar
Albatross Sails :       Asg 21.   Asg 23.
Bautek:  Astir.   
Asw Flash by Scherer
La Mouette:   Atlas.
A.I.R -Aeronautic Innovation Rühle-          Atos.    Atos C.     Atos V.   Atos Vq.  Atos Vq11t.   Atos Vr.  Atos Vr 190 Bi Place.   Atos Vr11.   Atos Vrq 2009.    Atos Vrs.  Atos Vs.   Atos Vx.   Atos 10.
Seedwings hang glider by Robert Trampenau
Seagull Aircraft hang gliders        Seagull 1.  Seagull 2.   Seagull 3.    Seagull 4.  Seagull 5.  Seagull Ten Meter.    Waterman-Seagull Flyer.    Meter 80.   Seahawk.   Sierra.   Sailwing.  Seagull 7.          Mike Riggs.   Michael Riggs.   Bob Keeler.
Jim Natland
Error of date in Kiting by Poynter. Not 1962, but 1963, for the JD start.   JD verified 1963.  Dan Poynter published in 1974, and wrote for JD : "read up on NASA reports" on page 47, "father of kiting" in some circles. "put down his flat kite and tried a Rogallo."
John Dale Sutliff
Dial Soap by Mike Koman and Joe Faust
Porta-Wing by Whitney Enterprises       See1     Eddie Paul Whitney     Now: EPI  or Eddie Paul Industries.   
Man-Flight Magazine   
Water-sports kite-gliders    JD:  "when I saw a picture of the Ryan research aircraft, which was illustrated in the booklet you sent me."    "I then endeavored to adapt this wing shape to lift a water skier."   Letter of Nov. 24, 1964, to Rogallo.   [[Even though the whole in one combination up to mechanical arts was in public domain prior  to his craft, he tried a silly process to be "inventor" of modern hang glider; his loving friend passionately pushed that unearned title into some gullible orgs' statements. He had zero global mechanical invention in what he tinkered up, yet he had some good social effect in furthering kiting in Australia over the waters. The bullied unmerited tag remains an injury to aviation invention culture, possibly causing a loss of the glance of those who would invent for hang glider world. Lifting water skiers by towed wing was old hat matter. John Worth already revealed the fullness of the public domain system years before the tinkerer started.  James Hobson had the fullness of the mechanics in a well published "Rogallo Hang Glider" a full year before JD revealed. Keeping the invention reality straight now becomes a hard challenge for the uncritical participant.  ~JpF, 2013]]
Brock hang gliders
Electra Flyer hang gliders
Fred Landgraf       US3361388
John P. P. Flynn      when power is off
Goldmarque Gyr.
Solar Storm
Skyhook Gipsy (?spell)
Disposable hang gliders
UP Products.     
Airwave Kiss 154.    Airwave UP Comet 165.
Hang gliders from kite world (falling massed kited anchors/payloads)
Hang gliders in niche commercial applications
Hang gliders with auxiliary power systems
Gliding-canopy hang gliders (Rogallo evolutes, Jalbert evolutes, Barish evolutes, play-sail evolutes, parachute evolutes)
Hang gliders for payload of two or more persons
Hang gliders for remote-control flying
Hang gliders for heavy payloads, usually not human payload
Hang gliders equipped with energy-production systems
Hang gliders modified for stark wing running
Inflatable hang gliders
Tailed hang gliders
Tail-less hang gliders
Hang gliders of the Flutag scene
Liste des ailes de deltaplane    Some photos, comments, and manuals  Excellent resource, yet incomplete. Help.
All the hang gliders flown by Bill Armstrong   |   Study  |
Hang glider flight aspects, parameters, measures
Hang gliders with n wings its wing set. Let n be any positive integer.
Hang gliders of 1900 or before
Hang gliders of 1901
Hang gliders of 1903
Etc. ...for each year where hang gliders were made or described.


Fantasy hang gliders
Hang gliders depicted in art
Potential hang gliders
Futuristic hang gliders
Hang gliders who have contributed notes to the Hang Glider Museum:   Bill Cummings, Sam Kellner, Joe Faust,

Some of the manufacturers:    Many are missing from the list. Omega Hang Gliders of Santa Monica, California, Los Angeles, and Venice, California  is one of the missed manufacturers.  Aerostructures by Mike Burns is missing.

Thanks, Ken. 

Maybe daily change the cover photo.... enough of that guy savoring. 

Here is one you might use of a ground skim hang gliding:    Photo2  my Hang Loose flight

Or my Seagull II flight at Torrance?

Or my Seagull III from back cover of Hang Gliding?

Or my son from LIFE on earliest Lovejoy tail-less biplane?

Or my wife's flight on first Quicksilver. 

Dial Soap flight?

60 Minutes?

Corral Canyon  Quicksilver editorial flight?

Bennett-Boone  editorial flight ?

Icarus I flight and fold-up or aftermath, anyone?

Star News, Santa Monica berm soaring of Icarus II mod ?


Waterman-Seagull Flyer?

Son's cover of two-boom hang glider flight?

Wife's Escape Country Seagull flight?

Broken-arm splinted from crash in hang glider?

Broken-neck from canopy paraglider hang glider flight (no photos avail.)

Jib-sail Rogallo of Miller-Carmichael make ... flight in San Clemente. 

Ground skim in Colver SkySail

Cronk Kite built by Art Bean ... flight in meet in northern California

Pre-Dial proto in desert off small hill  (no photo known). Koman and I and others. 

Rattan-biplane hang glider 

Eipper editorial test flight

Falcon 3 flight

Falcon 2 flight



Recommend:  Bill Armstrong

I believe his log book shows flight in over 100 modes of full-sized piloted hang gliders. 

Open public forum just started for discussing collected hang glider historical items => HangGliderMuseum